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Winter activities

Downhill skiing on the Brocon

Sci alpino al Passo Brocon 10 km from the hotel, Funivie Lagorai (Lagorai Cableways) is a valid alternative to the large ski carousels in Trentino, which, because they are better known, are also considerably busier. In the splendid setting of the Lagorai chain, it is possible to ski without the crowds – and without spending a fortune.

Ski mountaineering in the Lagorai - Cima d'Asta group

Sci alpinismo nel gruppo Lagorai Cima d'Asta Just a few kilometres up from the valley bottom, visitors will find some unspoilt nature where peace and quiet reign supreme, and where it is possible to tune into our deepest feelings. The ideal sport for all this is ski mountaineering, the dominant discipline in the unique setting of the Lagorai – Cima d’Asta group .

Take a trip on “ciaspole” in the Lagorai group

Passeggiate con le ciaspole nel Lagorai Starting out from the entrance to the Lagorai group, or from the bottom of the valley, the trails for ciaspole (the snow shoes than can be attached to trekking boots) allow you to walk on the snow without sinking down into it and without slipping.
Because they do not require any particular athletic training, “ciaspole” are ideal for anyone seeking a more personal, genuine approach to the appeal of the mountains in winter, allowing users to cross woods and mountain pastures, over virgin snow marked only by the footprints of animals, and with silence reigning supreme all round.